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​Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade  40 lb bag:  Regular $25.00

Now $20.00

Victorie Essential Oils

To use in your dog grooming products

Most essential oils are not safe for cats, so we recommend them only for use on dogs.  There are some oils that are not recommended for dogs, we will only sell oils that are safe for use on your dog. 

Here is a link to a page with a list of some essential oils that are safe for dogs. 

Here is a link to some "homemade recipes" you can make with essential oils for flea/tick repellant, etc.

At this time we have 10ml bottles of the following oils:

Cedarwood                $12.00                        Sage                                $26.00 

We can order these oils and more:

Eucalyptus                  $8.00                           Frankincense            $36.00

Myrrh                            $32.00                        Peppermint               $10.00                          

Lavender                     $10.00      

We can order a carrier oil, Sweet Almond Oil 8oz  $10.00

Essential oils can be added to your dog grooming products, if they don't already have them.   A few drops can be added to a small amount of a carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil, or Coconut oil, and applied directly to your dog's skin.  Please research the oil that you buy, and test a small amount as each dog is different as each human.

Essential Oils we have that your family can use:

Amyris                          $12.00                     Cinnamon                  $8.00                                                            Patchouli                  $13.00                       Rosemary                  $9.00

Sweet Orange        $6.00


We can order these oils and more:

Bergamot                $15.00                          Litsea Cubeba (May Chang)          $11.00
Spearmint               $12.00​   ​                       Sweet Marjoram        $12.00