Ponca City, OK area

Home Delivery Service

  Grace's Treasures

Some of the chews and treats come directly from the companies that make them, so we can order from them at any time.  

Ordering Chews and Treats

Ordering Pet Foods

The pet foods come from a distributor that will deliver every other week.  We like to place all orders at the same time to keep the shipping costs to a minimum, so it is usually once a month.

New Products:  

Charlee Bear Treats

Diatomaceous Earth from Absorbent Products  SUMMER SPECIAL!

Fromm Family Pet Foods

Victorie! Essential Oils  See the list on ourGroomingpage.

​Etsy Shop

​Check out Southern Rose Naturals for Handmade Natural Soap, Laundry Butter and other good things for your family.

Natural and healthy foods, chews and treats for your treasured pets.

We offer home delivery, in the Ponca City, OK area, of pet foods, treats, chews and grooming products.  The foods and treats do not have by-products or chemical preservatives.  Also they do not have ingredients from China; most are made in the USA.  Most of our products can not be found in stores in Ponca City.

We can order dry, can and even raw frozen diets for dogs and cats.